Credit Counseling: Scranton (PA)

PA Debt Relief

Are you trying to pay off the money you owe and get your financials back in line? In this case, a trusted Scranton credit counseling agency might be the answer. It’s easy to see how much credit counseling in Scranton, PA, can save you.

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Generally consumers in need of credit counseling have regular income, debt in the neighborhood of at least $3K, and are able to give 2.5% of their outstanding debt each and every month.

When it comes to credit counseling, you will pay the full balance owed on your credit cards, plus interest. This is significantly better for your fico score in the long term.

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Debt in Scranton: How Much is Excessive?

Do you spend more than 50% your income paying off debts? If so, you need to find professional help immediately. For the average Scranton resident who’s got an income of $21,536 yearly, this is more than $898 each month.

A vital component of credit counseling is managing debt. With a DMP, your Scranton PA credit counseling agency may able to work out lower APR’s and fees and penalties from your credit card companies. With a debt management program in Scranton, PA, the credit counseling agency will deal with payment to your creditors each month. The only thing you have to do is give them a single monthly payment.

Selecting a Credit Counseling Company in Scranton (PA)

Credit Counseling Scranton PA

If you are dealing with an honest agency, credit counseling can really help. In point of fact, the Federal Trade Commission now requires it for people filing bankruptcy in Pennsylvania and nationwide. But honest credit counseling companies ought to provide you with:

  • Close to 1 Hour of Initial Counseling
  • Zero Initial Fees
  • A Customized Action Plan
  • Evidence of Qualifications

Just remember that non profit status doesn’t guarantee that a credit counseling program is legit. Don’t settle for a credit counselor you can’t depend on. We want to help you find a good Scranton credit counseling organization.

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How Much Could Credit Counseling Help You Save?

Credit Counseling Scranton PA

Bear in mind that credit counseling is a means of managing debt, not fighting it. Fortunately, it does result in cheaper monthly payments by virtue of cheaper, even frozen, interest and penalty fees.

To find out exactly how much you could save, consult a trained credit counselor in Scranton, PA – right now!

Credit Counseling and Bankruptcy: Scranton (PA)

Bankruptcy Counseling Scranton PA

More and more people in Scranton have been thinking about bankruptcy. There are 130,209 people living in Scranton, PA, and we estimate that 340 have had to resort to bankruptcy.

Credit counseling is now mandatory before declaring bankruptcy. You haven’t got to pay a visit to one of the credit counseling services in Scranton, PA. Programs can be found over the internet and on the phone.

Ordinarily, going to consumer credit counseling post-bankruptcy will be a requirement. For an approved list of approved pre-bankruptcy credit counseling courses for Scranton residents, click this link. Or alternatively, you can speak with a skilled debt specialist:

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling in Scranton PA

Consumer Credit Counseling Services in Scranton (PA)

Consumer Credit Counseling Scranton PA

Consumer Credit Counseling Service, often referred to as CCCS, may provide cheap credit counseling for local consumers. A Consumer Credit Counseling Service in Scranton, PA, will generally be a community non profit agency which makes use of the NFCC member seal. Ordinarily a CCCS firm will provide:

  • Bankruptcy Counseling
  • Housing Counseling
  • Credit File Evaluations
  • Debt Management Plans

Always remember, not for profit credit counseling in Scranton, PA, doesn’t imply free. To find the closest CCCS agency in Scranton, PA, please take a look at the list of agencies on our site. On the other hand, you can go to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling website.

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Credit Counseling / Debt Counseling in Scranton, PA

  • Quinn Joseph A Jr Attorney, 434 Lackawanna Ave, 18503
  • Garden State Consumer Credit Counseling, 321 Spruce St, 18503
  • Advance America Cash Advance, 851 Scranton Carbondale Hwy, 18508
  • Santomauro Frank J, 103 E Drinker St, 18512