Credit Counseling: Plymouth Meeting (PA)

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Are you finding it difficult to make your monthly credit card, rent, and loan payments? If that’s the case, enlisting the services of a certified credit counselor in Plymouth Meeting PA could help.

We have partnered with credit counselors and debt management agencies in Plymouth Meeting to get you the help you’re looking for.

Credit counseling for Plymouth Meeting consumers has numerous perks:

  • Reduced Annual Percentage Rates
  • 3-5 Years to Being Debt-Free
  • Hands Free Payment of Cards
  • Better Financial Management Strategies

Of Plymouth Meeting’s 13,692 inhabitants, we have to assume that 505 are in need of credit counseling.

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Time to Seek Credit Counseling Assistance: Plymouth Meeting (PA)

Your ratio of debt to income helps to verify if you need credit counseling. Let’s consider a few estimates based around an income of $58,365 a year. That’s the average in Plymouth Meeting.

  • $1,751 (36%): Optimal
  • $1,751 to $2,092 (36-43%): OK
  • $2,092 to $2,432 (43-50%): Cause for Concern
  • $2,432 or more (50%): Acute

Debt Management: Plymouth Meeting (PA)

Do you owe more than $10,000 in debt or have monthly payments related to rent, loans, or credit cards that cost more than 50% your income? Then you might need to enter a debt management plan (DMP). Why look into a debt management plan? For starters, you might enjoy:

  • Lowered Interest Rates
  • Reduced Debt Collector Telephone Calls
  • Consolidated Payment Per Month
  • Quicker Freedom From Debt

If you sign up for any debt management program in Plymouth Meeting, PA, your credit counselor will deal with paying your creditors every month. Pretty much all you need to do is hand them just one payment per month.

Finding a Credit Counseling Firm: Plymouth Meeting (PA)

Credit Counseling Plymouth Meeting PA

As an industry, credit counseling and debt management plans have been vetted by the Federal Trade Commission and other state and federal authorities, but there are a number of methods to ensure that your Plymouth Meeting credit counseling organization is legitimate:

  • Get testimonials
  • View their accreditation
  • Be certain that your counselor is licensed

Remember that being a nonprofit doesn’t always mean that a credit counseling service is bonafide.

The amount of money that credit counseling will save you is going to depend on your specific financial predicament, but your credit counselor can usually secure cheaper rates of interest and fees.

Ready to determine how much credit counseling in Plymouth Meeting, PA, can save you?

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Credit Counseling / Debt Management Agencies: Plymouth Meeting, PA

  • NURICK LAW GROUP, 111 W Germantown Pike, 19462