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Finding an experienced Media PA credit counseling agency could be the first step toward getting out of debt.

We can match you with a credit counseling agency based upon where you live, how much debt you have, and other preferences. You could find yourself on the road to financial freedom before you know it – don’t delay!

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Generally individuals in need of Media credit counseling have these characteristics:

  • $10,000 in Unsecured Debt
  • Ability to Allocate $250-$300 Toward Monthly Payments
  • Burning Ambition to Get out of Debt

Even though credit counseling entails the full payment of your debt, it will look considerably better on your credit report than debt settlement programs.

We estimate that 2,681 of Media’s 72,702 locals are unable to afford to make their credit card payments each month.

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Do I Need Credit Card Counseling in Media, PA?

Credit Counseling Media PA

Lenders want to know how much comes in, how much is going out. Working this out is simple. Consider a few stats based on earnings of $32,520 each year, Media’s average:

  • $976 (36%): Optimal
  • $976 to $1,165 (36-43%): Okay
  • $1,165 to $1,355 (43-50%): Cause for Concern
  • $1,355 plus (50%): Acute

Managing Debt: Media (PA)

Credit Card Counseling Media PA

Do you owe at least $10,000 of debt or have monthly payments for rent, loans, or credit cards that amount to more than one half of your pay? If so, you might need to enter a debt management plan (DMP). A debt management plan is a type of debt consolidation, because the money you owe each month is combined into one monthly payment. However, there is no loan necessary. This is different from a few other approaches to debt consolidation in Media, PA that use secured loans to pay back the credit card companies. With a debt management plan in Media, PA, your credit counseling service will manage payment to your creditors every month. The only thing you’ll need to do is supply them with just one payment per month.

Picking a Credit Counseling Company: Media (PA)

Credit Counseling Media PA

So long as you are dealing with a reputable firm, credit counseling can be an appealing alternative to going bankrupt. In point of fact, the Federal Trade Commission now demands it for those declaring bankruptcy. But stay clear of any credit counseling firms in Media that say that they can:

  • Eliminate all collections calls
  • Promise the removing of credit card debts
  • Charge a fee in advance for their solutions

Don’t forget, being a nonprofit isn’t going to necessarily mean that a credit counseling agency is bonafide, and vice versa. Don’t work with a credit counselor you can’t put your confidence in. Why don’t we assist you in finding an experienced Media credit counseling company.

How Much Could Credit Card Counseling Save You?

Credit Counseling Media PA

It is hard to tell just how much you will save. Fortunately, your creditors may agree to waive extra charges and bring down interest rates as part of a debt management program.

Credit counseling saves you time and money. Find out more today.

Media PA Credit Counseling

Credit Counseling Costs: Media, PA

For profit Media credit counseling firms who provide solutions by telephone are prohibited by the FTC from billing their clients in advance. Although not free, debt management is a reasonable solution for many Media residents. Enrollment typically costs less than $75, and a monthly charge of $40 or less.

Under a DMP, the money you spend each month repaying your credit card debt is normally equivalent to your minimum credit card payment (usually 2.5%).

You might be interested in a top level view of how much your monthly payments would be, based on different degrees of personal debt.

  • $20,000 Debt: $420 to $500
  • $25,000 Debt: $525 to $625
  • $40,000 Debt: $840 to $1000
  • $60,000 Debt: $1260 to $1500

Credit Counseling for Bankruptcy in Media (PA)

The downturn has been a problem for everybody, and bankruptcies have become rampant in Media and across Pennsylvania. There are 72,702 people living in Media, PA, and around 190 have been forced turn to bankruptcy.

As of 2005, any individual in Media who wishes to file for bankruptcy should first obtain an official document demonstrating that they went through an approved credit counseling course in Media, PA. You can attend the program:

  • One On One
  • By Phone
  • On the Web

Most of the time, doing a credit counseling program after bankruptcy is also mandated. For an approved list of approved Pennsylvania credit counseling programs, click the link, or you can speak with an experienced debt advisor:

Credit Counseling in Media PA

Debt Management and Credit Counseling Agencies in Media, PA

  • Black Stranick & Waterman Llp, 327 W Front St, 19063